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    • Helios Pro red light therapy lamp - rood licht therapie lamp

      Helios Pro

      Best for : Face or injury areas, cost-effective

      Price : €

      Dimensions : 31x23 cm (3.5kg)

      Spectrum : 660nm & 850nm

      LEDs : Dual chip

      Radiation strength : 143 mw/cm2 (7.5cm)

      Power : 300 watts (60x5W LEDs)

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    • Helios Elite red light therapy lamp - rood licht therapie lamp

      Helios Elite

      Best for : Full body, home use

      Price : €€

      Dimensions : 91x23 cm (6.5kg)

      Spectrum (NEW) : 630nm, 660nm & 810nm, 850nm

      LEDs : Single chip

      Radiation strength : 194 mw/cm2 (7.5cm)

      Power : 1000 watts (200x5W LEDs)

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    • Helios ClinicPro red light therapy lamp - rood licht therapie lamp

      Helios ClinicPro

      Best for : Full body, professional use

      Price : €€€

      Dimensions : 91x30 cm (8.5kg)

      Spectrum (NEW) : 630nm, 660nm & 810nm, 850nm

      LEDs : Single chip

      Radiation strength : 205 mw/cm2 (7.5cm)

      Power : 1500 watts (300x5W LEDs)

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    Don't like it? No problem!

    Are you still in doubt? Fortunately, you don't have to just take our word for it. Our mission is to make red light therapy accessible to the whole of the Netherlands. We are so convinced of the power of this therapy that all our customers can try it risk-free for 120 days.

    Should you come to the conclusion within this period that red light therapy does not suit you? No problem! You can easily return the Helios device without costs, and we will refund the full amount to your account.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is red light therapy safe?

    Yes, red light therapy is safe. It has never shown serious side effects after thousands of scientific studies. However, people who are photosensitive are better off not using red light therapy.

    All Helios devices undergo extensive testing and quality assurance. Helios devices are CE and RohS certified and meet the highest standards in the market.

    What is the difference between red and infrared light?

    Red light is 660 nm and infrared light is 850 nm. Infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye, but red light can.

    650 Nanometer red light:
    Absorbed to a higher degree by skin tissue, making it particularly effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production.

    850 Nanometer near infrared light:
    Has the ability to penetrate deeper into tissue, organs and joints, to reduce and restore inflammation.

    With Helios it is possible to switch on the red and infrared spectrum simultaneously or separately.

    How often do I use red light therapy?

    Use red light therapy 4 to 7 times a week, 10 to 20 minutes per session.

    Do I need protective glasses?

    Research shows that red light therapy is safe for the eyes and can help with eye complaints such as cataracts, macular degeneration and eye damage. It can even improve vision, especially in people over 40 years old. If the bright light is uncomfortable, you can close your eyes and still get the benefits. If you want to keep your eyes open, avoid looking directly into the lamp and look past it to stay more comfortable during the treatment.

    How can I reach you?

    We pride ourselves on our customer service. Please see our Contact Page to reach us!