What are the advantages of an infrared lamp?

  1. Muscles: An infrared lamp improves blood circulation to muscles, which aids recovery, reduces muscle tension and inflammation, and relieves muscle pain.
  2. Pain and anti-inflammatory : Accelerates wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation, prevents tissue damage.
  3. More energy : Stimulates energy production and optimizes mitochondrial function.
  4. Sleep quality : Regulates mood and sleep, reduces cortisol production for better sleep.
  5. Hormone balance : Stimulates testosterone production in men, treats libido and sexual dysfunction.
  6. Skin care : Strengthens collagen production, improves wound healing, reduces acne, wrinkles and skin aging.

You can try your infrared lamp for 30 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund .


the protocol

Simple home treatments of 10 minutes per day

Infrared home treatments are very simple. These are the guidelines for effective treatment:

  • Time per session : Only 10 minutes
  • Frequency : 3-5 sessions per week
  • Mode : Red and infrared light
  • Optimal Distance : 10cm from your body on bare skin

Get started today and embrace a vital life - at your fingertips, in your own home.


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Discover the natural benefits of an infrared lamp for skin care, muscle recovery, improved sleep and increased energy. Try it for free for 120 days now and experience the transformation yourself.

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