Researchers have conducted more than a thousand peer-reviewed studies and studies on different types of light therapy (also called photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy). The research has shown an overwhelming amount of positive results. Here's why it can be a valuable addition to your orthomolecular practice.

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Reduction of inflammation and chronic conditions

By reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines, red light therapy can help reduce inflammatory processes in the body, which is a key issue in many chronic conditions.

Improving blood circulation

The therapy stimulates the formation of new capillaries, leading to improved microcirculation. This improves oxygen and nutrient supply to cells and helps remove waste products, which is crucial for cellular health.

Mental health support

The stimulation of mitochondrial activity by red light therapy contributes to overall health improvement, reduction of pain and inflammation, and can potentially improve brain function. This can result in improved mood and a decrease in depressive symptoms.

  • Number of sessions for optimal results

    Between 10 and 12 treatments. To maintain results: 2-3 maintenance sessions per week.

  • Average rate for one session

    €40 per session.

  • Recommended rate for a package

    €350 for 10 treatments

Discover how Red Light Therapy can improve your practice

Helios Red Light Therapy - Rood Licht Therapie - Dermatologen

Improved recovery results for your patients

Consider a patient struggling with a chronic condition. With Red Light Therapy you can reduce pain, minimize inflammation and significantly improve recovery in a shorter time. This allows your patient to regain their well-being and actively participate in daily life again.

Rood licht therapie orthomoleculaire therapeut

Additional Income Stream

By offering Red Light Therapy in your practice, you familiarize customers with this therapy. If they choose to continue this treatment at home, you can earn as an orthomolecular therapist as an affiliate of Helios.

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